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Jen was born and raised just outside of Fresno, California.

She grew up with orange trees and rolling hills in the country.

She was brought into the world by two educators.

Growing up, Jen was always attracted to creating and performing.

She wrote, acted in and directed her first play at the age of 7 years old.

Her cousins were her repertory ensemble.

She charged tickets to family members.

As a child, she staged a church service in Shaver Lake, a musical review of The Lion King soundtrack involving tumbling and acrobatics, a sketch show about clowns and farts, a four-hour-long traveling interactive show about following a winding outdoor path back to where you started.

All of these creations developed a certainty in Jen that she had found her passion.

She was asked to give a sermon at church when she was 16.

She made an appearance in an Avril Lavigne cover band that played at the Wonder Ballroom.

She has officiated 3 weddings.

She was in a band called Delightful Young Man after moving to Portland in 2004.

She was misinformed about the ability to earn a P.H.D. in theatre performance at Portland State University

but fell in love with the PNW.

She has served pizza.

Made sandwiches in a deli.

Walked dogs. 


Graded driving school papers.

Driven cars back from the beach for Hood to Coast.

Worked a Miami travel booth at a gay travel expo.

Delivered food through an app.

Painted houses.

Waited tables.

Slung coffee.

Volunteered to clean children's books for a library.

Donated hygiene products to women's shelters.

Driven cast members of Riverdance.

Sought out therapy.

Dropped political mailers in mailboxes.

Acted like a paranoid schizophrenic for a Forensic Psychology class.

Babysat multiple children.

Played piano at 2 weddings.

Staged a flash mob during Saturday market.

Been a Pallbearer.

Cleaned numerous Airbnbs.

Wrote and performed a trilogy of songs about 2 sisters navigating the apocalypse.

Created a game called Tantrum.

Slept in her car.

Acted with Anthony Rapp in his brother Adam Rapp's play.


Performed a sketch with Greg Sestero.

Obtained her passport.

Made a friend in Algeria.

Drawn pictures of ghosts on stage in front of an audience.

Tried on numerous bras for Nike designers.

Sang both good and bad songs at karaoke.

Was on the varsity tennis team.

Owns a letterman jacket with more academic patches than atheletic.

Enjoyed High Tea in London.

Toured the Louvre during Covid Restrictions.
Put chains on a car by herself in pouring rain on the side of a road in the middle of winter.

Eaten lots of food and drank lots of clean water over her lifetime 

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