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“And Jen Rowe goes so deeply to the heart of a neglected, depressed neighbor girl who cuts herself, she leaves you wanting the play to follow her...What art can--and should do--is what Rowe does with her role: show us the humanness beneath it.”

-The Oregonian

“Molly, the ambitious apprentice starcatcher, is a stronger female protagonist than Wendy by a factor of 1,000, like UFC Champ Ronda Rousey to Tina Fey, and Jen Rowe gives the teen heroine lots of fire. You constantly root for her, whether she's saving the world or struggling to fix a strap on her training bra.”

-The Oregonian

“The show is studded with hilarious performances, especially from Jen Rowe, channeling an infamously empty-headed beauty-pageant speech (“like, such as...”) as an announcer delivering election updates.”

- The Oregonian

“She wanders through the play with big-eyed wonder at the new girl...her quirks, which you will believe every moment of... Rowe’s downward spiral from SlimFast advocate to self-flagellating sneak-eater to full-on binger is fascinating and completely entertaining to watch...and Rowe, whose long-time-coming primal scream is a definite highlight”

- Oregon Arts Watch

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